Friday, July 10, 2009

TAM 7 Day 1

Drinking in the bar tonight, after a day of extraordinary seminars, I found a great community in fellow Canadian Skeptics. We all met at a bar across the street and all were branded with maple leaf stickers so we would not lose each other in the crowd.

There seemed to be an extra-ordinary amount of delegates from Alberta, land of oil and Klein, and they are all young, enthusiastic and very motivated. Us few Torontonians should pull our bootstraps up and get our game together if we are going to compete with the westerners game!

Two great podcast projects revealed tonight: Skeptographers, a new podcast relying on the participation of all Canadian skeptics is an innovative way to get the message out and not require the amount of mic time that the bigger podcasts require. I will be putting a small proposal for a 7 minute segment for them soon - awesome, and Skeptically Speaking, a Canadian skeptic call-in and interview show represented by Desiree Schell the host.

We were regaled at the bar of tales of Toby: the large skeptical viking that set out to kiss every man at the Del Mar bar last night: and we were not-so-secretly sad to have missed it. There were loads of gay skeptics we hooked up with tonight which caused to focus on one of the more lovable aspects of the skeptics community; they are very openly accepting of the queers in general. Indeed there are even some high profile queer skeptics, DJ Groethe, host of the CSI podcast from buffalo being the most recognizable.

I am, however, quite inebriated at this point and an eight o'clock start time looms. I will be covering all of the great stuff we learned at the Science Based Medicine conference today, including how to choose a safe chiropractor, at a later date.

A great day - just smart awesome fun.

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