Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tam 7 Preamble

We arrived in Las Vegas, Nevada today for the start of The Amazing Meeting 7 at the South Point Casino. The flight down was uneventful but it became immediately obvious that the UFC 100 fight on Saturday night will be competing with our brainy-polooza this weekend. We will see who will tap out first! (OK, OK, our scientists don't have sleeve tats and are not experts in Muay Thai, but give them some liquid nitrogen and a balloon and they can do some serious damage...)

David Steele, my traveling companion and fellow skeptic, and I noticed at check-in that those joining us are indeed hard-core science types - odd facial hair, strange conversations about cold fusion that would shame Ponds and Fleischman and rumours of another proposed net-energy process being announced - and that is only in line at check-in; I can hardly wait what tomorrow will bring as we start the alternative medicine CME conference.

We trekked downtown the day before registration to take in the orgiastic gambling trap that is downtown Vegas and found some great pop-art at the Bellagio Art gallery. Frank Stella, Andy Warhol, and others cleansed our pallet after gawking at the one half size Tour Eiffel and the completely over-the-top Caesar's Palace. We had some great mohito's in front the Palace and we missed the shows at Treasure Island because of wind. It became obvious, however, that unless you are gambling or seeing a show downtown the sensory overload that is downtown Las Vegas can be really tiring.

We are looking forward to starting the conference tomorrow and I will be blogging about each days events. And I will continue to attempt to avoid pulling on any slot machines - though they are designed to be irresistible and my lizard brain keeps going to my wallet......

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